5 bands or artists I never want to hear again

We live in an unfortunate world in which overstimulation plays a big role in the dislike of something. Too bad that for an artist to make money all sane people end up hating them.

In no particular order:




Guns N’ Roses

Sorry Axel! You know, Chinese Democracy isn’t even a bad album, it’s actually pretty cool. But the fact it took so long meant we had to listen to Appetite for Destruction for TWENTY YEARS. I never want to hear your whiney ass voice again.


Such a shame actually-Adele is a fantastic artist. Her first record 19 is a masterpiece of modern soul but the fact American radio  acknowledges just one song from this girl stripped away the love and left nothing but annoyance. You should go buy the expanded version and have your mind blown by the cover of Sam Cooke‘s “That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On.” Enjoy the record, because I wont be listening to it for  a long long time.

Amy Winehouse

I just don’t care.

Kings of Leon

I first heard this band back in late 2003 when my friend Sean from Candle Box told me to check out Youth and Young Manhood. The cool, garagey, dive bar, southern rock sound was an awesome break from everything else going on in the mid-2000’s. Kings of Leon fell off my radar for a few years until my friend Valeria told me to listen to the band’s (at the time) new record, Only by the Night. They had mellowed out a bit and were writing super smart pop songs. Gone were the sleezy mustaches and the bad haircuts, but after hearing “Sex on Fire” every 30 seconds I really just wish they stayed off my radar.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I remember the 90s so I know how good Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Mother’s Milk were. The 2000’s really negated all the good things about the Chili Peppers when “By the Way” and “Dani California” were pounded into our brains.

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