All I want for Christmas

People have been asking me, “What do you want for Christmas?” My standbye response is, “I dunno.” I feel awkward about getting gifts, and I can never really think of anything I want or need off the top of my head.

Since the advent of the Amazon Wishlist, it’s been a little easier. If I see something while browsing around on the internet, I just add it to my wishlist and direct people there. To help simply things a bit more, I’ll just post a few things here.


  • MONEY: I’m a law student. I’m broke. But beyond that, there are some things I want to do that require me saving up a bit. (1) Buy art for my apartment, (2) print some of my photographs on canvas for my apartment, (3) begin saving for a new camera.
  • A record player: Not a goofy dj turntable, not a dorky usb thing, not a weird little console, just a simple belt driven turntable available at Best Buy or Circuit City(online).
  • Chet Baker Sings: I bought a very expensive original copy of this record for my ex, and I’m pretty sure she never listened to it. What a waste (on multiple levels.) But anyways, I’d love a vinyl copy of this California Jazz classic.
  • Power strips: For a gift giver on a budget, I always need power strips. My apartment building is from the 20s and there aren’t a lot of power outlets.
  • This hoodie.


Beyond the few things I have listened here, you can always consult my Amazon Wishlist for some other stuff. <3

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