Are you committing a major marketing error?

Reposted from the Lucrii Productions blog

A while back I came across a promising singing group that was trying to raise money to record a demo to shop to A&R reps. I emailed the group’s “manager” expressing interest in helping them raise needed money and produce/record their demo. I never got a response.

The number one mistake in personal marketing (and business marketing for that matter) is failing to respond to someone reaching out. For those who have experience in the current job market, how many applications and resumes have you sent out without ever receiving a response? Bummer right? Once a hiring manager sent me a personal note to thank me for my interest, but had chosen to pursue another candidate; it made all the difference in the world.

If someone takes the time to reach out, take the time to respond. Even if you’re not interested in the offer, proposition, or request, relationships are currency in the changing world. Build your contact list, expand your network, and maybe make some friends in the process!

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