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At lunch I was talking about how I hate Disneyland because I can’t stand to be surrounded by large groups of people that are dumber than me. My colleague says, “don’t you have facebook?”   Touche.

Bachi Burger: Review

This week I went to Bachi Burger in Pasadena. I really wanted to love this place. A couple people in my office have been raving about it for a while, so when I finally found myself driving through Pasadena I jumped at the chance to grab a burger for lunch. I ordered the parmesean garlic truffle fries, the myagi burger, and ended with a salty caramel toasted marshmallow shake. The fries were good, but nothing very special. I wish there was a bit more garlic flavor, and the black truffle sauce was just a dark glob in the center of […]

Yes. I spent the night in the hospital.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to say the same thing more than once. So, since I’ve already explained this half a dozen times, I’ll save myself having to tell it a dozen more times and just hit the highlights here. Several weeks ago my leg was in excruciating pain and was turning purple. Thought it was just par for the course after having achilles surgery, but finally it got so unbearable I went to urgent care. Urgent care sent me to the ER because they were worried about blood clots in the leg. This was the morning […]

6 Weeks In Bed: A Photo Essay

In September I had a very painfull surgery on my achilles tendon. This surgery requires me to spend a significant time off my feet, so I’ve basically been in bed for the last 6 weeks. Over the last couple weeks I started snapping a photo or two when I woke up. Here is my bedroom.   pro tip: if you click on the images they get bigger and open in a slider!

thought for the day

What such readers fail to grasp is this essential point: the only way to bring about such changes is to return to the source of the violence and repression that afflicts us: our individual thinking. The query “what can we do?” usually comes down to the question “what can someone else, particularly someone in authority, do to change all of this?” The answer is very clear: there is nothing anyone else can do to end our self-destructive attachments to statism. Because such change originates, marginally, only within our minds, you and I are the only ones who can bring that about. But to do so requires us to […]

My childhood is complete

This was my favorite book growing up, so I was really apprehensive about seeing the movie. Fantastic. It was so moving seeing all these scenes and characters that had existed so long in my head.  

I’m hungry

Someone in my building has been cooking late at night. Last night it was chorizo. Tonight it’s bacon. Why aren’t they sharing with me?