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Bachi Burger: Review

This week I went to Bachi Burger in Pasadena. I really wanted to love this place. A couple people in my office have been raving about it for a while, so when I finally found myself driving through Pasadena I jumped at the chance to grab a burger for lunch. I ordered the parmesean garlic truffle fries, the myagi burger, and ended with a salty caramel toasted marshmallow shake. The fries were good, but nothing very special. I wish there was a bit more garlic flavor, and the black truffle sauce was just a dark glob in the center of […]

I’m hungry

Someone in my building has been cooking late at night. Last night it was chorizo. Tonight it’s bacon. Why aren’t they sharing with me?

The best tortas are at Cooks Tortas

This week I was at the children’s dependency court in Monterey Park. After my day there, I was extremely hungry and texted a friend who lived in the area and asked for a food recommendation. Because the city is known for it’s Chinese population, I expected her to direct me to a noodle house or something, but when she quickly replied “Cook’s Tortas!!!!!’ I knew I had to check it out. This place is easy to miss, a nightmare to park, and the line was crazy. When we finally ordered, I selected a carne asada torta with chorizo and queso […]

Day 6. Sundance Resort

After a couple days of solid riding I needed a break, so day 5 of my trip was spent relaxing and eating in Provo with friends. Day 6 I woke up wanting to tackle some downhill singletrack in the area, finally selecting Sundance Resort based on positive reviews and proximity to Provo. Sundance is Robert Redford‘s mountain resort that has great skiing during the winter and lifted mountain biking and hiking during the summer. The place is beautiful. The trail map looked like this:   Photos looked like this:                         […]

Happy Birthday Oreo!

I love Oreos. I have loved Oreos since I was a young child. I used to ride my Powerwheels Jeep down the street to the house of a family friend, where our friend Mike taught me the finer points of Oreo consumption. Here, I learned the proper way to eat this magical cookie: dunked in milk. The lessons I learned from Mike started me on a life of dunking and dipping. I am a big fan of ketchup for fries, bbq sauce for sausages, salsa, spicy mustard, dip, dunk, sink, submerge. There are even different kinds of Oreos! Mint Oreos, […]


In honor of our country’s independence, I decided to celebrate in a way that would bring joy to my heart and the hearts of those around me; going out for Asian food. Yes, the founding fathers are living vicariously through me, and I’m sure their desire would be to eat mountains of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food all in one day. Since my father was working and my sister was out with her boyfriend, my mother and I were left all alone – so I decided to open the event up to my friends via twitter and facebook. Only Risa […]


Yesterday I traveled to the fair city of Claremont with my oldest and dearest friend, “Fred.” Fred attends Claremont Graduate University and had a meeting with a professor, and since she had no plans afterwards she invited me to accompany her and go to dinner post-meeting. CGU is a beautiful campus, while Fred was in her meeting I wandered around taking photos.             After leaving the campus we ventured from the lovely town of Claremont to the dirty stepsister of Monclair. We decided to try out Joe’s Sushi based on it’s close proximity and the […]

Some of the amazing food I’ve been eating!

Okay, so I’ve been kinda lagging in showing pictures of the incredible food I’ve been eating. So here’s the food blog! Last week we went to this tiny little eel place here in Yoga. I think the entire shop was about the size of large hallway. Why is it always the smallest places that have the best food? I could barely fit into the chair squeezed over near the little kitchen. I’ve had eel in sushi, but never just a fillet in a bowl before. I was amazed by how tender and delicious it was! It was that melt in […]

explorations and ramen

So, yesterday was really the first day Laura and I got up and wandered around while Melissa was at school. We started off by getting some breakfast at the ever so glorious 7-11. I got three different kinds of onigiri and she got some nasty looking chicken sandwich on white bread. It seems that only white bread exists in this country. We sat on the side of the road and ate. We walked and walked down Kanpachi dori. We found the awesomest Denny’s that looked like a colonial mansion. And a scary pink bear. Eventually we found a really cool […]