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The number 2 rule in social media

The number 1 rule: Use it. The number 2 rule: Don’t be annoying. Now, you can be obscene and people will laugh. You can be rude and people will think you’re hip. Even if people hate you, they’ll love to hate you. But being annoying serves no real purpose except causing people to lose interest and want to avoid you (virtually.) There’s plenty of ways to bug people on twitter, facebook, and foursquare, but the one that has been shocking me the most is the misuse of social media autopost functions. You know what these are, it’s the little check […]

Am I man enough?

Julian Smith recently posted a stunning piece that really hit home for me. People have said that I am passive and not “manly,” assuming that my lack of interest in sports, indifference to cars, and aversion to facial hair condemns me to the category of men that spent too much time with their mothers growing up. In reality, over the years I have learned to temper my aggression and confrontational nature, finding that its easier and more pleasant to just go with the flow and be accommodating. Seems like a good idea right? Maybe. I think somewhere along the line […]

Are you committing a major marketing error?

Reposted from the Lucrii Productions blog A while back I came across a promising singing group that was trying to raise money to record a demo to shop to A&R reps. I emailed the group’s “manager” expressing interest in helping them raise needed money and produce/record their demo. I never got a response. The number one mistake in personal marketing (and business marketing for that matter) is failing to respond to someone reaching out. For those who have experience in the current job market, how many applications and resumes have you sent out without ever receiving a response? Bummer right? […]

Why can’t Dell ship to Japan?

So, last night the power supply on my laptop burnt up.Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal, I’d just order and new one and then be up and running again in a few days. But this situation is not quite so simple for two reasons. 1. The laptop is about 2 years old and the battery is on it’s last legs. I’ve decided not to buy a new battery because of the price, and just invest in a new laptop in a month or two. 2. I am leaving for Japan on the 31st of December and will be gone […]

When your professional contacts outlive their use

In this age of communities, new-web contact lists, and instant messaging replacing the Rolodex, how does one not only “trim” their contacts… but also deal with the reactions. In a recent posting, Chris Brogan discusses trimming down his facebook friends list, and his need to do a little cleanup on his extensive followers. Something I’m sure everyone does from time to time. Now, I’d like to go one step further… I wholeheartedly agree with Chris’ point that these “friendships” and “followers” are simply data (don’t get me wrong, Chris is not de-humanizing), but when you’re working on a smaller scale […]

My day with tech support

Today was not the best day recently. Not only did I get an email informing me that I did not get a job I was hoping to get, but I spent a large portion of my day fighting with my mother’s home network. When I could not return modem connectivity after reinstalling my mom’s operating system I was forced to called Verizon Online tech support to see if I could get the issue sorted out. Now, say what you will about tech support, outsourcing, and the like… I have had nothing but steller experiences with Verizon OL’s tech support (their […]