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5 bands or artists I never want to hear again

We live in an unfortunate world in which overstimulation plays a big role in the dislike of something. Too bad that for an artist to make money all sane people end up hating them. In no particular order:       Guns N’ Roses Sorry Axel! You know, Chinese Democracy isn’t even a bad album, it’s actually pretty cool. But the fact it took so long meant we had to listen to Appetite for Destruction for TWENTY YEARS. I never want to hear your whiney ass voice again. Adele Such a shame actually-Adele is a fantastic artist. Her first record […]

Record review: LOVE AMERICAN

Reposted from the Lucrii Productions blog.     The self-titled EP by Love American kills me. I don’t say that lightly, and I say it hoping that the entire spectrum of the idiom comes across – from Scarlett Johansson in latex (very good) to Michael Jordan playing baseball (headshake). Several of the guys in Love American have been playing music and eatin dirt around northern Los Angeles county for years now; guitarist Hans and drummer Ryan spent time in the pop-punk outfit Championship Vinyl, vocalist Javier grew up in the bands Mavrick and Young Machinist. New bassist John was in […]

Entire Ohm’s Law set!

I played with my good buddy Tim’s musical endeavor Ohm’s Law while on our road trip. On the Friday we were in Portland we drove across the river to play at a old time soda shop called Pop Culture. Someone caught the entire set and you can watch it here!(link)