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6 Weeks In Bed: A Photo Essay

In September I had a very painfull surgery on my achilles tendon. This surgery requires me to spend a significant time off my feet, so I’ve basically been in bed for the last 6 weeks. Over the last couple weeks I started snapping a photo or two when I woke up. Here is my bedroom.   pro tip: if you click on the images they get bigger and open in a slider!

Day 6. Sundance Resort

After a couple days of solid riding I needed a break, so day 5 of my trip was spent relaxing and eating in Provo with friends. Day 6 I woke up wanting to tackle some downhill singletrack in the area, finally selecting Sundance Resort based on positive reviews and proximity to Provo. Sundance is Robert Redford‘s mountain resort that has great skiing during the winter and lifted mountain biking and hiking during the summer. The place is beautiful. The trail map looked like this:   Photos looked like this:                         […]

Day 4. Gooseberry Mesa

Middle of nowhere. Absolute blast. Took a pretty good crash over the handlebars in a slickrock bowl.  I started up at the overlook, rode Rim Job to North Rim, then down to where it connected with the White Trail. Then back up! You can watch a pretty good video of the trail HERE (not my video).  

Day 3. St. George and Hurricane

I spent the night in the desert in St. George at the Bearclaw Poppy Trailhead. Then I decided to go ride the Pioneer Rim Trail just above downtown St. George. The trail was a blast; almost entirely slickrock. If you’re from southern California, imagine it as a more ride-able version of Vasquez Rocks. After riding Pioneer, I wandered around downtown St. George for a bit, finally ending up at a park where I had a post-ride lunch of baked beans, brown rice, an orange, and a fruit rollup. Champion! Spent some time in a Starbucks off the 15 editing the […]

Utah road trip. Day 2

Today I actually got out on my bike and hit the trail. I liked it. My first taste of Utah mountain biking was Bearclaw Poppy, just a little bit outside St. George. Even though I grew up in the desert, I really wasn’t prepared for the heat. Even though the tempature was around 100, it felt more like 120 with the heat reflecting off the desert floor. Plus, the sun was so outrageously strong I got UV burns under my jersey. I GOT SUNBURNT THROUGH MY SHIRT. After spending the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot I went over to Bloomington Park […]