Day 3. St. George and Hurricane

I spent the night in the desert in St. George at the Bearclaw Poppy Trailhead. Then

I decided to go ride the Pioneer Rim Trail just above downtown St. George.

The trail was a blast; almost entirely slickrock. If you’re from southern California, imagine it as a more ride-able version of Vasquez Rocks.

After riding Pioneer, I wandered around downtown St. George for a bit, finally ending up at a park where I had a post-ride lunch of baked beans, brown rice, an orange, and a fruit rollup. Champion!

Spent some time in a Starbucks off the 15 editing the previous day’s photos and drinking smoothies, then decided to head out to Gooseberry Mesa, stopping to explore the adorable town of Hurricane.  The trip looked like this  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I finally got out to Gooseberry just as it was getting dark. This place is pretty desolate, and about 20 miles from a road. I didn’t expect to have any cell reception, but surprisingly I still had fairly decent 3g coverage from Verizon while I was there. Hey Verizon, you should be sponsoring my trip!


Photos from the day look like this:

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