Day 6. Sundance Resort

After a couple days of solid riding I needed a break, so day 5 of my trip was spent relaxing and eating in Provo with friends.

Day 6 I woke up wanting to tackle some downhill singletrack in the area, finally selecting Sundance Resort based on positive reviews and proximity to Provo. Sundance is Robert Redford‘s mountain resort that has great skiing during the winter and lifted mountain biking and hiking during the summer. The place is beautiful. The trail map looked like this:


Photos looked like this:




















Riding this mountain was a blast, and at $20 for an all day lift ticket, a huge bargain. Here’s a video


After riding for a couple hours, I went back to Provo and ate really good hotdogs at J Dawgs. They very possibly may have been the best hotdogs of my life. I was also very hungry from riding a mountain for 5 hours, so maybe that was part of it.

J Dawgs looked like this:

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  1. Corinne

    Remember that time you got sick from eating too many J Dawgs? That was pretty funny.