Happy Birthday Oreo!

I love Oreos. I have loved Oreos since I was a young child.

I used to ride my Powerwheels Jeep down the street to the house of a family friend, where our friend Mike taught me the finer points of Oreo consumption. Here, I learned the proper way to eat this magical cookie: dunked in milk.

The lessons I learned from Mike started me on a life of dunking and dipping. I am a big fan of ketchup for fries, bbq sauce for sausages, salsa, spicy mustard, dip, dunk, sink, submerge.

There are even different kinds of Oreos! Mint Oreos, double stuffed Oreos, strawberry Oreos, chocolate Oreos, and my obsession for the last few years… Golden Oreos.


In the spirit of the day, my good friend Lainna Fader shared this bit of trivia with me:

      If every Oreo cookie ever made were stacked on top of each other (more than 345 billion…), the pile would reach to the moon and back more than five times. Then again, if placed side-by-side, they would encircle the earth 381 times at the equator. Holy crap.

Holy crap indeed Lainna.

In celebration of the special day, I will be partaking in one of my favorite snacks–Oreos and penutbutter.

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