I have so many feelings

the mona lisaI am utterly overwhelmed with everything in my life right now. I’m feeling so many things I shouldn’t be feeling, everything is all crashing together at one time.

I’m not an emotional person, I handle stress exceptionally well, and I am confident in my ability to rise above situations. Going through college sleeping in my car taught me that I could handle anything.

But right now my question is how? I’m submerged in every possible emotion, each one fighting for supremacy until I’m so wound up I either implode into a heap on my bed or go walk the late night streets like Odd Thomas.

I used to be able to write music in times like this, but now I am just too old and bitter to accept any personal composition of music or poetry that contains the jumble of raw humanity that would ensue. I’m jaded to the point of logic and poise. I’m not used to drowning in emotions, and it’s getting harder and harder to function.

But, this is a song that has always made me want to tear my hair out, and cry, and purge all of the pent up emotions of the last 25 years.

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  1. Joseph

    Thanks Sarah. I’m working hard and trying to stay positive, just starting to get worn down.
    I did finish my application essays this morning though! Progress!