I need your help!

Hi friends! So, at this point everyone knows I’m going to law school – I’ve blogged a little bit about it here, but not really in much detail. The entire process, from the decision to attend law school to now choosing between schools that have accepted me has been arduous and complicated.

All this being said, I want to start a blog dedicated to my law school journey from this point until passing the California Bar Exam, and maybe beyond. I’m sure there are a lot of people that will be in my (current) position and would like to see the experience from an outside perspective, especially if I could possibly involved a couple classmates and have guest writers sharing about their attorney journey. Presently, I’m having trouble thinking of a clever title and domain name, so that’s where I want the help of my friends and family!


Definitely looking for something clever, but still professional enough to point others  (faculty, colleagues, potential employers) to, so “ihatelawschool.com” and the like is definitely out the the question. Tell me your ideas and thoughts by using the comment box below, and as always, you can subscribe to this blog here!

Comments (7)

  1. Elaine

    “Attorney Journey” is cool Tamar is so cleaver. Or “Two Side to the Mountain”

  2. rene

    you need to make it sound epic. and when you do become an attorney i 1 get to be one of the mexicans that gets hurt on the job for your tv spots and 2 you have to have an epic yellow page add with dragons and fire oh and a battle axe too!!