I think I have postpartum depression

My law school applications packages are completed and LSAC has sent them to UCLA, USC, Loyola, and Southwestern. To a certain extent I feel like I’ve given birth; the application process is intense, with the LSAT, personal statements, supplemental essays, primary applications, secondary applications, resumes, and research.  It’s seriously like a fulltime job, and now that it’s over I feel listless and sad.

What do I do now? I wont be getting acceptance notices until like April, which is a whole lot of time to pace the floor being anxious on if I’m going to get into my target schools and what kind of aid I can get. I’ve started looking at warehouse lofts in the DTLA and Echo Park areas hoping I can find a big empty space with a good kitchen. Kitchen is the single most important factor in the living situation.

The prospect of new life is exciting (see what I did der? more allusion to birth), but I mostly just want to sleep 20 hours a day and eat my huge jumble of feelings away. For the last two days all I have been doing is sleeping and playing Jawbreaker songs on my guitar; not very productive but it requires very little energy and allows some catharsis.

In other news, it snowed last week! Here in the desert! I took some photos 🙂

joshua tree

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