I’m still here, I’m still proud…

Photo by Ali Pursley

Photo by Ali Pursley

Recently it came to my attention that an off-handed joking comment I made to someone was taken seriously, and stupidly so.

This person asked why I was so hungry (or something to that effect) and I made some sardonic joke referencing “the munchies.” Anyone who knows me at all is painfully aware that I’m straightedge, and most know that I’ve been committed to this lifestyle for about 10 years now. So, the fact that anyone actually believed I was serious is completely absurd and pretty unbelievable to me.

I despise drugs and altering substances of any kind. Alcohol has done more to ruin my life (and the lives around me) than anything else in the world; it either makes you stupid, mean, dangerous, sloppy, sleazy, or just plain annoying. Aside from the obvious problems with hard drugs, even what people think of as “soft drugs” turn humans into something morbidly de-evolved and embarrassing.

There is no quicker way for someone to lose my respect than to brag about getting/being under the influence of any substance stronger than a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts.  So here I am – being straightedge is a choice for life… if you’re not now, you never were.

I leave you with a track called Earn Your Respect, from Dodgin’ Bullets, a side project of the legendary christian hardcore band NIV.

Dodgin’ Bullets – Earn Your Respect

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  1. Joseph

    Don’t you forget it.

    Frenchie, I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t point out the Throwdown lyrics.