In five days, I will be 25 years old.

I remember when I used to think that 25 was really old. Now here I am, less then a week away from my quarter-century. I feel like I haven’t really done anything yet; I’ve either wasted too much of my life being serious and not goofing off enough, or I’ve spent too much time messing around and not enough time being serious. Conundrum!

Regardless of how I feel, September 25th is rapidly approaching and I’m rather apprehensive of all the attention that comes with birthdays. I always feel totally awkward and self-conscious every time my mother asks what I want to do.

Last year I attempted my first birthday party in over a decade. It was the strangest experience, bordering on miserable. A bunch of people that either didn’t know each other or didn’t like each other, all in my living room watching Dead Alive and Bad Taste… both fine films, but didn’t cover up the fact that it was a rather unpleasant night.

This year I’ve decided to avoid humanity and spend the day watching awful movies with my bff Will and cooking up a storm. Then on Sunday I’ll be going over to Electric Soul Tattoo to finish up my side-piece with my buddy Evan Campbell. I’m super excited to be doing this, it’s definitely me splurging  a bit. My way of celebrating my hard work and another year of survival.

Lastly, just because I dislike birthdays doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. People are constantly asking what I want for my birthday… so this year I’m just telling everyone to take a look at my Amazon Wishlist. I added a few low cost items just for the occasion 🙂

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