it’s 3 am, i must be lonely

It’s after 3, and I just got home from “Sunday Adventure Night,” a little institution some friends and I created this summer. Over the last two months or so we have been exploring mountains, marshes, abandoned buildings, deserts, and empty pools.

I’ve never really had a group of male friends that I went out and did boy things with, usually spending time alone or with a single friend. In 2011 I started getting back into hardcore and starting a band called Hard to Care, once again becoming involved with the local scene that I had drifted away from during college.

How am I going to leave this? My life is finally getting back to simplicity and I’m feeling more like myself, but in 4 weeks I start law school, probably the most challenging thing I’ll ever do, and things will never be the same. Progression is essential to life, but right now I’m honestly tired of working hard and just want to create mischief with the boys and play loud music.

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  1. ...

    I’ve seen you give up a lot of being one of the boys to be the man. It hurts but at the same time you’ve handled it with more class and strength than anyone I know. I think as you get into the swing of things you will slowly start to find the right balance between your work life and play life. You know what you want, and you’re going to get it, and I very much believe that when it’s all over you will have the same love for hardcore shows, road trips, and hikes as you always have.

  2. Brad

    Hahahaha.. Dude, you had a good break. Ya don’t get to be tired of working hard ’till you’re 0ver 50. 🙂 Could be worse… a pick, and shovel doesn’t seem to be in your future.

  3. Brad

    Don’t know who that person is…but they are pretty smart. And I’d say correct. The hard work makes the play that much better !