law school vs. business school: I’m losing my mind

joey is cuteIt’s been a year since I finished my undergraduate degree in marketing. This past 12 months I’ve done quite a lot of consulting work, got back into playing music, worked on a couple records, gone on two road trips, left the country twice, taken up photography, began learning graphic/web design, reestablished old friendships, gotten tattooed, eaten several times my weight in sushi, and and and and and…

Needless to say, this last year has been a blast. A much needed break after over a decade of intensive education. The time has come though to start putting my thoughts of graduate school to some action. I’ve spent a year contemplating law school or business school, even a brutal JD/MBA join program. Right now I need to begin taking entrance exams, but first I need to decide what exam to prepare for!

The battle rages on, and I just get more and more confused.

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