Legal education looms

Well, life has been insane lately, but there’s some progress in the school department.

I have been accepted to Southwestern Law School’s traditional part-time evening  program, so I’m pretty excited about that! There has been a lot of stress in my life over the last 10 months and my LSAT scores really left something to be desired, so getting into any law school was a big relief to me.

Most exciting is that Southwestern invited me to interview for their accelerated two year law program called SCALE. The SCALE program uses a modified curriculum on a quarter system opposed to the traditional full-time and part-time programs, which are semester based. Though faster paced and with more required classes (plus a mandatory externship), SCALE seems to prepare students for the bar and lawyering just as well as the other options.

This morning I interviewed with a school representative to discuss the SCALE program, which I think went very well.  My application needs to go through two more steps, so we’ll see how it goes; initially I wasn’t interested in the program at all, but if I get in I think I may do it. Anyone have any thoughts?

Comments (7)

  1. Lisa Ussery

    Way to go Joey!!! What suprises me is that in the short time of knowing you from Moonfrye, I think an accellerated program fits you perfectly. You have the explosive energy and intellegence to needed to perform in such a program. Congratulations and good luck in your next 2 steps in achieving this goal.

  2. Joseph

    Thanks Lisa, I appreciate that! Getting done with law school in two years sure sounds nice, but I don’t know if that insanity is really something I want to put on myself. I guess I’ll decided if I get in!

  3. Brad Engel

    You’ll need to put aside all other distractions. Let everyone else carry there own baggage. Live-eat-sleep law school. You can do that… ya got it.

  4. Lisa

    Well Joey, We only live once (that we know of lol). It seems u have 3 roads u can follow.Either get it done in 2 years and start making money to payback the loans..or go the other 4-6yrs and then start making money to payback the loans….stop looking to law and start looking for work now lol. You will make the right decision for you! I would never have thought I would work for the government..and now unfortunately I do lol.