Me and my buddy Lent

So in my previous posting I said I would write “tomorrow.” Obviously “tomorrow” is code for, “in a few days when I’m sick in bed.

Now, to address Ash Wednesday and Lent. Though I identify with a sect of Christianity that doesn’t generally observe orthodox traditions, in my own personal life I usually take Ash Wednesday as an opportunity to do some hard reflection, introspection, and maybe a little mourning. Taking the same approach to Lent, I generally participate in some form of self-denial, whether it be physical or mental; sometimes giving up a favorite food, television, music, or anything that will affect my life where I will be forced to think.

In 2011 I’ve really been on a quest to reconnect with my faith and become a singular person, so it was pretty ironic that I completely forgot about Ash Wednesday until Fred and I were at Costco and I was wondering why so many people had dirty foreheads. I was so wrapped up in my crazy life that I didn’t remember a yearly tradition that I find to be personally motivating and meditative.

So, here I am, almost week into Lent and just don’t know if I should try and salvage the tradition or just forget about it and focus on living. I’ve been sick in bed the last two days, so there’s definitely been a lot of starting at the ceiling pondering things that no one should have time to think about – I feel like I need to be active, but I know I should let my body and mind rest.

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  1. Challen

    I think if you’ve always held a personal reverence for the tradition, you should continue on even if it’s a bit of a late start. True also that just focusing on daily living and introspection is a good life plan- formally setting aside time is never a bad plan. Especially for those of us who NEED a formal excuse to take the time for ourselves…If you want we should read some C.S. or G.K. (or maybe some T.S. or T.C.?) (Why did I just realize all our favorite shared authors go by their initials?)

  2. Joseph

    Thanks Fred, you’re the best!

    I really need to get in the habit of reading again. Suggest some books to me/let me borrow some! My brain needs exercise.

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