Miami cannibal vs. Los Angeles

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about cannibalism, zombies, apocalypses and I just need to set some things straight.

Regarding the first story to break, the “Causeway Cannibal.” Apparently from the news reports, people were seeing one man eating another man’s face off and kept going. Bus drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, calling 911 and claiming one naked man was chewing on another naked man’s face. This would never happen in Los Angeles.

Miami is full of wimps. LA is plenty used to homeless people doing wild things on and around freeways and major streets, but let’s be real here for a second — if there was some face being eaten near the 110 on-ramp at Figueroa there would be some ass whoopin. In fact, mistercannibal would probably be shot and killed long before the cops arrived.

Also, Kings won the cup.

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  1. Mom

    when I saw this on the news I thought “this would not have been ignored in LA. People are willing to get involved”