Music is and always will be a huge part of my life.Ashley Dang Photography

I began playing the alto saxophone when I was 8. I’m amazed my parents had the patience to endure two years of squeaking and squawking as I learned a reed instrument.  My love for music grew as I began  studying with a jazz saxophonist when I was 10, and then taking up piano when I was 11. The piano was my birthday present from my parents. They’re pretty awesome.

By the time I was 15 I was playing saxophone professionally and had begun teaching piano at a local music store. Soon my interests in punk rock led me to play guitar and bass. I’ve found that pursuing classical piano and jazz saxophone gave me a unique approach to my musical taste and styling, and over the years my love for all music has grown.

A big part of my love is teaching music, which you can hire me to do!


I am currently accepting new piano, saxophone, and bass students of all ages and skill levels. I provide a superior musical education in a comfortable, encouraging environment.

Many teachers tend to gloss over important aspects of instruction–just teaching a song and moving on. Unfortunately, the Henry Ford method does not work well for any sort of education. I like to go beyond just teaching songs and incorporate music theory and technique into each lesson–while keeping the student interested with music of their choice.

I am available in Los Angeles for music performance and lessons. Click here to contact me!