The best tortas are at Cooks Tortas

tortaThis week I was at the children’s dependency court in Monterey Park. After my day there, I was extremely hungry and texted a friend who lived in the area and asked for a food recommendation. Because the city is known for it’s Chinese population, I expected her to direct me to a noodle house or something, but when she quickly replied “Cook’s Tortas!!!!!’ I knew I had to check it out.

This place is easy to miss, a nightmare to park, and the line was crazy. When we finally ordered, I selected a carne asada torta with chorizo and queso fresco. My mind was blown. First off, I’m not really a torta person. If I’m gonna eat Mexican food I almost always go with tacos. But since this place only has tortas, and it was so highly recommended, I figured I’d take a culinary detour.

The sandwich: The bread was light, slighly sour, and had plenty of nooks and crannies. I like the love-child of an English Muffin and sourdough bread. The asada was flavorful and not too well done, the chorizo was well proportioned and not overpowering. A thin layer of mayo, crisp tomatoes, and fresh cheese made this sandwich a solid choice. I definitely will return any time I’m in the area.

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