The mustache of power: destroy all law school exams

The horseshoe mustache is a sign of power.

The preparation of finals involved me growing a beard of shame.

The beard of shame has now transformed into the mustache of power. Many powerful men have worn this style of mustache.

My new mustache gives me the power of a viking warrior.


Comments (6)

  1. Mom

    Son I am so going to die if you wear that to finals! Take a pic and have a coffee cup or t-shirt made for dad. lol

  2. Joseph

    @Corinne: That is the affect I always want my presence to have.

    @Harmony: That’s a good thing!

    @Mom: The whole point is having it through finals! I’ll have christmas cards printed out, you can send them to the family.

  3. Grammar Nazi

    Dear Joseph. NEVA: Noun=effect, verb=affect.

    “That is the effect I always want my presence to have.”

    “I want my presence to always affect people that way.”

  4. Joseph

    You’re right Nazi. I always get those two mixed up, and just forgot to double check last night.