The number 2 rule in social media


The number 1 rule: Use it.

The number 2 rule: Don’t be annoying.

Now, you can be obscene and people will laugh. You can be rude and people will think you’re hip. Even if people hate you, they’ll love to hate you. But being annoying serves no real purpose except causing people to lose interest and want to avoid you (virtually.)

There’s plenty of ways to bug people on twitter, facebook, and foursquare, but the one that has been shocking me the most is the misuse of social media autopost functions. You know what these are, it’s the little check boxes in your preferences and account settings that say things like “automatically post to twitter,” “always post to facebook,” “link accounts” and the like. That may be fine if you’re someone who only uses those services occasionally, but if you’re active online, I never want to see something like this —————————->>>>

The second biggest transgression out there is the issue of double or triple posted content. Here’s what I mean by that:
If you’re a twitter user, you’re almost definitely a facebook user… and if you use socialsharing services like reddit or StumbleUpon, you’re almost certainly a twitter user. There’s a logical flow that happens in regard to the extent one uses social media.

With that being said, your friends and followers also abide by similar laws of internet physics, only in reverse. Your facebook “friends” that are also twitter users, most likely follow you on twitter as well. Your twitter followers who use StumbleUpon,  probably are connected with you on that platform as well. You can probably see where I’m going with this – there are a lot of individuals that overlap between your different internet and mobile outposts! So you know what you don’t want to do? ANNOY THEM.
Often I see one of my friends check into a restaurant on foursquare, autopost it to twitter, then check into the same restaurant on yelp, and autpost it to facebook. Yes, I get it, you’re at that super hip new place downtown, and I’m not because I’m in bed on a Friday night blogging.

The point here is to provide different content to your different followers. Give people reasons to follow you on multiple platforms by sharing different things. Why would someone want to follow you on twitter if its just the same stuff from your facebook?

Comments (3)

  1. Brad

    It’s just all so confusing !! Life was so much simpler when ya called a friend, and said “let’s get together”. Went out, saw other friends…. Social… was face to face.
    But the biggest question i have is… where did you get a dancing banana !?

  2. Joseph

    Computers are friends.

    The legendary dancing banana is illusive, but can be observed in it’s natural habit if you’re very careful.

  3. Elaine

    Very informative. I with your last paragraph completely. The way you explained the the way social media was excellent. Were you inspired by a TV show?