Why are you so excited for the weekend?

Hell, why am I so excited for the weekend? I’m self-employed and not in school (for the moment), so I’m never sure why I get so pumped when I wake up on a Friday morning; it’s not like my weekend is any different than my weekdays.



  • Wake up, drink a liter of water.
  • 1st breakfast: Protein shake, oatmeal, banana.
  • Return emails, catch up on my blog reading (usually accompanied by whatever tv show I’m watching on Netflix).
  • 2nd breakfast: Eggs, mixed vegetables, sandwich.
  • Begin my “work day.”
  • Workout.
  • Back to “work.”
  • Teaching music.
  • Usually some kind of rehearsal or band practice.
  • Back to my bed with Netflix.

This is pretty much my 7 day a week routine, sometimes broken up by days in the studio or meeting with clients, but for the most part this is every day of my recent life. I really have no idea why I’m excited for the weekend, so why don’t you tell my why you’re excited for the weekend?!

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Comments (3)

  1. challen

    I’m excited for the weekend because: landscaping/sleep/friends/sunshine/to do list check offs/ hiking/church/readingbreakfast/calling grandparents/sunspots/ late nightsredbox/coffee/bike rides/family/cleaning/you?

  2. Joseph

    Well, if this beautiful weather keeps up I would really like to go for a light bike ride tomorrow! This back thing has had me out of commission for a few months, but I think I might try!