Why I like animals more than humans

Recently I told a friend that I  like animals more than people. We discussed this for a bit: she loves people more than anyone I’ve met in a long time, not just friends and family, but humans. Sometimes that’s a little hard for me — I feel like a bit of a bad person because I believe that humanity is primarily selfish and evil. Okay, maybe “evil” is a little bit strong, but I’m definitely not some peace-and-love hippie type who still believes that “we can all just get along.” I’ve found if you go through life expecting people to fail you, the disappointment is a little easier to handle.

The other day that friend’s little dog died, and I am heartbroken. I’ve literally been crying for two days thinking about how that happy little thing won’t be jumping on my leg or giving me kisses when I rub her belly.
Animals love completely and unconditionally. They aren’t vague. They will sit and just be silent with you. Animals aren’t passive aggressive. They don’t talk about you behind your back. They’re loyal, without ulterior motives, and always willing to cheer you up. Essentially animals are the perfect people.
Should loving humans really be this difficult? Am I wired wrong or something. Somehow, when I think of my future and how I want my life to go, I would much rather come home to a happy dog than a nagging wife.

<3 baby Chloe

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  1. laura

    I agree with you 100%. People I know think it’s funny when an animal gets run over or hurt, and I get teary eyed. I hurt every time I see something on tv about the abuse of animals . I love my two dogs way more than I do most people.

  2. Lucy

    Hey Joseph,
    This really brought tears to my eyes,mainly because I feel just the same,and sometimes I feel truly bad or wrong feeling like this. I’ve always loved animals-adored-lived for,but recently I have made friends with a certain spaniel called maple,and my hearts gone through the roof.she is the epitome of beauty in life, pure joyful soul and completely living for the moment, for love, and loving. I’m head over heels for her and feel like she gets me in a way like noone else…this is where I start to feel like I might have a screw loose, but I care not! I don’t know where I would be without animals. Thanks for this post. Stay strong.

  3. Joseph

    @Laura: I know, those tv commercials about dog rescues kill me. The sadness in those eyes are heart-wrenching! What kind of dogs do you have?

    @Lucy: Thanks for your thoughts! Maple sounds like quite the lady, I subscribed to your blog and hope to see some photos of her soon 🙂